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Lower Level of the Octagon

Fully insulated walls allowed this unit to retain heat better than the rest of the octagon. Still issues persisted. Water entered during the spring thaw and during heavy rains from several of the walls. The kitchen area of this apartment also would have a wet floor for days after a heavy rain. The reason may have been an adjacent cistern which had a concrete slab placed over the opening. The floor of the cistern was slightly below that of the basement floor but when filled would leak through to the basement.

A stairway leading to the main level had been removed making room for the bedroom and entry closets. This unit like all other apartments had a gas fired space heater and a sixty amp electrical box to supply an electric stove and outlets. Kitchen space was minimal but this unit had the most counter space.

Ceiling height is a full 8 feet except in areas where steel beams were added and covered by framing and sheetrock.

The bathroom had a shower with bath, stool and sink. Severe black mold appeared in the bathroom days after we were able to access it. The mold had been hidden from us and we were not allowed to inspect the unit prior to purchase. Knowing this would not have prevented our purchase of this classic home.